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Treasury Management Association of Chicago®

The Treasury Management Association of Chicago® (TMAC) is a not for profit professional organization dedicated to providing a forum for its members for the exchange of ideas, concepts, and techniques related to cash/treasury management. TMAC's membership is open to all persons whose primary job responsibility is the practice of treasury or financial management within organizations, companies, educational institutions, governmental bodies or corporations. At regular meetings, TMAC offers members the opportunity to hear relevant cash/treasury management issues presented by recognized professionals. Presentations cover such topics as finance, cash management systems, investments, economic issues, cash forecasting, and banking relations and regulations. Emphasis is placed in the planning of the programs to ensure that the topics are timely and rewarding to our membership.Meetings qualify for CTP and CCM credits.

Julie QualiatoQuarterly President’s Newsletter

:  November 3, 2015

Even though the weather seems to say otherwise, fall has arrived. Sadly, baseball is over and after a great season, Cubs fans yet again will have to “wait until next year”. Football is here and it looks like Bears fans will be doing the same.  

Your new 2015/2016 TMAC board has a full quarter under their belts and I’d like to fill you in on their accomplishments for the first fiscal quarter and the efforts underway for the remainder of the year. These accomplishments include the preparation and approval of the 2015/2016 TMAC and Windy City budgets,  securing an increase of the coverage under our crime bond policy and completion of the financial statement audit-now in DRAFT form for the board’s review.  

In addition to their normal duties, each board member has agreed to take on some additional goals which are to be completed over the year. Tricia Kelly, TMAC Vice President will be working with Sue Donatello, Academic Relations Chair to update the intern selection process and documentation as well as continue their work an international scholarship program.  

TMAC Treasurer, Kelly Ragonese, has begun working to cross train Sheryl Deering, her committee member and AT, as her back up for all treasury processes. In addition, she will partner with me to investigate options for outsourcing TMAC and Windy City payment and accounting process.

Sunil Patel, TMAC Secretary, developed the member survey you recently received. He will be compiling the results for presentation at a member meeting soon.  In addition, he will be working in partnership with GSS and Jim Portalatin, Website Chair, to develop a more efficient process for posting meeting minutes to the website.   

Your Windy City Co-Chairs Angelyn Pennington and Gary Silha have been busy planning the 30th Annual conference. In preparation for this impressive milestone, they have secured Deborah Roberts, Correspondent for ABC News’ 20/20 as the Opening Keynote. The call for presentations is now open (Click Here to Access) and the Windy City Program Committee, chaired by Gary Haman, has begun efforts to provide another great program. This year’s WCS Program committee members are Russ Augsburg, Tom Digan, Kasthuri Henry, Jeremy Simon and Michael Thorsen. Norman Goldstein has agreed to fill the Ad-Hoc committee position for Windy City and will be responsible for the M&I contract renewal.

With two great monthly meetings under their belt, your Meeting Site Co-Chairs, (Mandy Campbell and Cathy McGarry) and Program Committee Co-Chairs (Kim Drennan and Frank Hashimoto) also organized a great TMAC member event at AFP. Pictures from the festivities have been posted to the new Networking section on the TMAC website. Take a moment to look at them by Clicking Here!

In addition to securing the increased coverage under our crime policy, Policy Chair, Rob Gosma will be researching implications of 501c (6) status on TMAC’s holdings and ownership structure. Rob’s committee member and AT, Nitixa Patel, is expanding and documenting this second AT position to function as Windy City controller. She is working with the Windy City co-chairs and M&I to ensure complete and timely accounting procedures and controls are in place.

Maria Preston, Membership Chair, is developing a marketing strategy to increase TMAC membership.  She will also be conducting an investigation on non-renewals for the board.  Membership committee members are Bob Donaldson and John Gallagher.

As you can see, your board members have a lot on their plates over the coming months, in addition to their day jobs!.  They will be reporting their progress at monthly meetings over the remainder of the year.  If you are unable to attend, feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to fill you in on their progress.  

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope to see you at a monthly meeting very soon.

Best Regards,  
Julie Qualiato


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