It all started on March 14, 1974 at the Studio Restaurant in Morton Grove, Illinois.

Howard Heyer of Allstate was the person most responsible for starting the Treasury Management Association of Chicago (TMAC). The initial TMAC members consisted of local treasury practitioners who attended AMA seminars on cash management. As time went on, they all decided to meet amongst themselves rather than attend the large and expensive AMA seminar. Howard Heyer (TMAC's first president), John Howland (TMAC's second president ), & Tom Porter initially met to share cash management ideas with each other on a monthly basis.

TMAC's first organizational meeting was at Henrici’s near O’Hare. Initially, TMAC was named the Cash Management Practitioners Association (CMPA). Since TMAC inception, the organization has been open only to corporate treasury practitioners so that members can have unfettered forum for cash management conversations. TMAC's founding members knew about treasury management sales techniques well as each of them were former bankers! (Howard Heyer-Continental, John Howland-Citibank, Robert Braasch-Lasalle.) Continue reading...

There are endless opportunities of learning and networking with your fellow members.
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