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Brad Schuller - Highlight

Monday, November 26, 2018   (1 Comments)
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I hold the position of Manager of Cash Management and Payables at PSAV.  I work at our Corporate Headquarters in Schiller Park, IL.  PSAV is the premier Event Technology partner for large Corporate Meetings, and we specialize in providing the full array of services such as the lighting, rigging, audio, visual and creative content for our clients.  We partner with high end hotel chains such as the Loews, Marriott, Hyatt and other luxury brands.  We are the in-house audio-visual partner for about 1500 locations across the US, Canada and Mexico.  We have been in acquisition mode over the past couple of years, acquiring strategic partners to expand our markets worldwide and to increase our portfolio of products that we offer to our end user clients.  There is quite a market for this largely “Behind the scenes” business, as we are currently about $1.7 billion in annual revenue.

 I currently manage a team of 7 in the Accounts Payable department, as well as manage some working capital reporting processes.  Over my time in my current role at PSAV, I have implemented many process improvements.  I have been in charge of many interdepartmental projects including renegotiating a new Merchant Card agreement and obtaining “level 3” pricing, implementing a new Unclaimed Property compliance program, as well as implementing a new ACH payment platform to name a few key highlights.  In addition, I report on Working Capital metrics and provide key insights into DPO, DSO and many related KPI for executive review and for managing better performance internally and with suppliers.  Prior to my current role, I was the Sr. Treasury Analyst, the very first employee in the Treasury department at PSAV.  While I was in that role, I drafted many SOP’s and maintained Cash Positioning and Cash Forecasting.  While the Sr. Treasury Analyst, I worked to streamline bank accounts and implement needed controls such as debit blocks. 

 Fun fact – after attending the Windy City Summit in 2016, I attended a session about creating a “Culture of Cash” and Working Capital management.  After returning after the conference, I brought this idea up to our CFO at the time, who is now the President, and our training department created a full 25-minute instructional video about developing a “Culture of Cash”.  This video is now required for the field Operations team to show them how their actions affect PSAV’s working capital position and how they personally can affect profitability of our company.  

 Getting to Know You

 I have a degree in accounting from DeVry University and an MBA in Finance from Keller Graduate School of Management.  In 2016, I earned the CTP credential. I have been with PSAV for over 4 years.  Prior to my career at PSAV, I held positions in Treasury at Sloan Valve in Franklin Park, IL; TMK IPSCO in Downers Grove, and Celergo in Deerfield.

True story – love at first sight works!  I met my beautiful wife Hadley while we were at a networking event.  The local Oak Park Chamber of Commerce hosted a “Business After Hours” event at the showroom that Hadley was working.  I was there to promote my local business – an Opera company.  I asked her out on the spot and we have been together ever since - almost 5 years!  Hadley and I were married a year ago, and this August, we just bought a new home together in Oak Park. 

 Fun Facts

Before I went back to school for my Accounting and Finance degrees, I was a music major at DePaul University.  I had a fairly busy music career locally and regionally.  I am a professional operatic tenor and I’ve soloed in over 3 dozen productions, with many local opera companies and symphonies.  I’ve performed 4 years with the chorus at Lyric Opera of Chicago, and have performed in Italy and Germany, Colorado and throughout the Midwest.  I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to fully pursue my dream and talents.  In about 2007, I realized that I was not going to be the next Pavarotti, and I was noticing the Arts organizations were not paying performers as much as they used to, hence why I went back to school to obtain my BA and MBA. 

 I now have found a great balance of still performing very regularly, and producing some high quality shows while still focusing first on my career and family.

 Neighborhood News

I am very active in the local Oak Park community, where I moved in 2005.  I love Oak Park because of the rich cultural scene – there are a lot of arts organizations and theater companies.  There are also many great restaurants with top-notch chefs.  For 4 years, I was the Artistic Director for Verismo Opera Theater, and as of this year, I am now the Artistic Director for “Church of Beethoven” – a monthly non-profit concert series based in Oak Park.  In January, I will join the Oak Park Arts District to further develop the concert series and have a deeper local connection.  I am currently looking for Board members to assist with grant writing and other development activities.

 Down Time

 I feel like I want to make the very most out of my life, so I don’t have too much down time.  I am active in my local Buddhist organization, the Soka Gakkai International.  Recently, I have accepted a “lay” leadership position in the West Suburbs.  Outside of this, I have a dog and a cat. My wife and I love to go camping and hiking and bring our dog wherever we can.  When I do have time off, I prefer to be somewhere tropical and at a beach.  I am an avid reader, which I like to do while I’m working out.  My hard cardio sessions are easier if I’ve got something to read! 

 Back to Business

 I have thoroughly enjoyed my TMAC experience.  Of course, the educational opportunities are totally invaluable and going to the monthly meetings and the Windy City Summit really fuel my intellectual drive and curiosity.  In TMAC, I have found many kindred spirits and I’m developing great friendships during the networking portion of our meetings.  Joining TMAC is a real bargain to have 9 monthly meetings, with high quality learning sessions, coupled with a fine dining experience.  I joined TMAC about 2.5 years ago, and have had the good fortune to be involved in the Windy City program committee for a year, and then Tricia asked me to join the Bylaw and Policy taskforce.  I am very grateful to be an active part of the organization and help the Treasury industry grow in the future.  Our participation and attitude to develop and mentor others is truly noble.  I feel very glad to be able to serve on the Board as the Vice-President, and I will continue to passionately share my energy and ideas.

 Joining TMAC

 While I was studying for the CTP, I got into discussions with my bankers at Chase.  I had never heard of TMAC before.  I felt a bit lonely studying that thick book for hours by myself, and wasn’t aware that such a vibrant organization of likeminded professionals are here in Chicago.  My banker recommended to me that I should go to a monthly TMAC meeting, and he introduced me to Frank Hashimoto.  I was therefore Frank’s guest for 1 meeting, and then immediately joined the very next month in early 2016.  I have introduced a couple of my friends to TMAC, and have been proud to promote TMAC and the Windy City among my circle.


Carrie Horton, ACCO Brands Corporation says...
Posted Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Fantastic information! Thanks for sharing, Brad. We absolutely must have you sing for us at an upcoming meeting or event!!