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Get to Know Our 2019-2020 Executive Board

Monday, January 13, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Meet the 2019 – 2020 TMAC Executive Board Members


Cathy McGarry, Director of Finance/Treasury Operations, Northwestern Medicine

Cathy McGarry is our 2019-20 TMAC President.

As Director of Finance/Treasury Operations at Northwestern Medicine, she works with senior management on strategic initiatives, system integration and technological innovation that brings value to our organization.  She has primarily worked within healthcare finance most of her career and in treasury for the last twenty years.  She is originally from Decatur, Illinois, home of the Decatur Staleys (who later relocated north and became…the Chicago Bears!).

How else do you use your skills and talents at Northwestern?

I also serve on the Corporate Leadership Steering Committees for PCI Compliance and M & A Integration for all our regions. On a daily basis, my treasury team partners with various business areas, clinicians, vendors, banks, and IT to implement working capital solutions that optimize AR & AP processes.

What was your first job in healthcare?

My first job in healthcare was with a provider of behavioral health where I started working on the hospital side of the business. Before that my career started in banking, but I have always been interested in healthcare.  I was fortunate to combine the two areas that I enjoy into one role.

How did you end up at TMAC?

My boss invited me to a meeting as his guest and I really enjoyed the presentation and networking with other treasury and finance professionals.  I joined TMAC for professional development, educational opportunities, and for the network of treasury leaders. I have always been impressed with TMAC and Windy City Summit (WCS).

How has being a TMAC member been beneficial?

It is a great experience being a member and being on the board of TMAC. I get to network with other financial professionals across all industries and learn about the latest trends from our speakers at monthly meetings.  With the support of members and the WCS sessions, I was also able to obtain my CTP.

What bit of advice would you give new TMAC members?

Make a point to attend the meetings, meet someone new at each meeting and get involved.

Any fun facts you want to share about yourself?      

One of my favorite sports to watch is football, especially college level football. Growing up with three brothers, I was immersed in sports at a young age. Also, my son likes to challenge me with friendly wagers and trivia on what is happening in the red zone.

Finally, what are some hobbies or activities that take your mind off work?

I enjoy my cardio kickboxing class after a full day of work, for it is a great stress reliever. Over the last year I have added yoga to my exercise routine, and it has been wonderful. I also enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and reading a good book.


Patrick Yappel, Treasury Operations Solutions Manager, Health Care Service Corporation

Patrick Yappel is our 2019-20 TMAC Vice President.

Patrick has worked within the banking and treasury industry for about 16 years.  He has been impactful at leading a team that focuses on ensuring HCSC implements treasury management best practices by leveraging tools, services, and processes to meet the needs of their business units.  He is originally from Cleveland, OH moving to Chicago approximately 10 years ago.

Tell us about your role at HCSC and what a given workday may look like for you?

My team and I evaluate new treasury approaches and technologies as well as the efficiencies of the organization’s current treasury processes.  Once an opportunity is identified, we select and implement that treasury solution.  We work with our banking partners as well as non-banking treasury service providers and we assist with the coordination of other projects and initiatives underway within the HCSC treasury department.

 How did you land on your current career path?

My career started off supporting Unix and mainframe systems at a bank, which aligned with my academic computer science background.  From there I transitioned to corporate banking, providing business analyst and project management support.  That transition was driven by a desire to have a better understanding of the needs of my internal customers.  That same desire to learn about my customer’s needs led me to treasury sales and eventually to becoming a treasury practitioner.

 Why did you join TMAC?

I first heard of TMAC 13 years ago in Cleveland when I worked on some banking product demos to be displayed at a Windy City Summit booth.  Since moving to Chicago, I was fortunate to meet and work with many TMAC members.  I recognized the well-respected reputation of TMAC within the treasury industry and now feel very lucky to be a part of an organization that does so much for the advancement of the treasury industry in the Chicagoland area.

What do you get most out of being a TMAC member?

The most valuable part of being a TMAC member is the ability to meet and develop relationships with such a diverse and incredibly talented group of treasury professionals that make up the organization.

What bit of advice would you give new TMAC members?

Get involved however you can.  This provides you the greatest and easiest opportunity to meet new people in the organization and helps ensure the organization continues to thrive well into the future.

Lastly, what is your “go to” downtime activity or hobby to take your mind off work?

I really enjoy woodworking, specifically hand tool woodworking.  Hand tool woodworking is the utilization of the tools and methods used prior to the introduction of power tools.  The chance to step away and create something tangible is a nice change of pace from the digital treasury work week.


Carrie Horton, Treasury Manager, ACCO Brands Corporation

Carrie Horton is our 2019-20 TMAC Secretary.

ACCO Brands is one of the world's largest suppliers of select categories of branded academic, consumer and business products with revenues of nearly $2 billion.  Carrie manages a treasury team of five, plus two additional that are focused on Risk/Insurance.  She has responsibility for quarterly reporting and debt covenant compliance and has recently led the implementation of a Treasury Workstation.

How did you arrive at your current position?

During my first 3 years with ACCO, I was a participant in a finance rotational program.  I held positions in FP&A, Credit/AR, Treasury, and Internal Audit.  I enjoyed my year rotation in Treasury so much that when a permanent position became available, I applied and was hired.  

What was your first experience with TMAC?

My first experience with TMAC was attending the Windy City Summit during my rotational year in Treasury.  I attended with our Assistant Treasurer and long-time TMAC member, Mike Madden.  When I made the transition to a permanent Treasury role, joining TMAC was right near the top of my to-do’s.

What do you appreciate about being a TMAC member?

I appreciate attending the TMAC information sessions for their educational value and for the CTP credits, as well as the networking opportunities and friendships.

Any fun facts you want to share about yourself?

My husband and I are both certified Scuba divers.  We try to take at least one vacation each year to a tropical destination to explore the sea life.  My favorite diving so far has been on Grand Cayman.


Mary McGonigle, Director and Treasury Manager, Guggenheim Partners, LLC

Mary McGonigle is our 2019-20 TMAC Treasurer.

Mary manages the corporate treasury operations of Guggenheim Partners, LLC, which is a global investment and advisory firm with more than $275 billion in assets under management.  Her duties include the daily cash position, funding decisions, payment approvals, and the term loan and revolving credit facilities.  She is from Flint, MI and has 8 years of accounting experience and 7 years of treasury experience.

 How did you choose your current career path?

My career began as a CPA in audit at Deloitte and later in accounting at Guggenheim.  I started at Guggenheim around the same time as the newly hired (then Assistant) Treasurer, Angelyn Pennington, and a colleague connected us as we navigated our new roles at a new company.  Through our conversations over the years, I developed an interest in Treasury, and eventually Angelyn and I recognized a mutually beneficial opportunity to work together at Guggenheim.  I enjoy the transactional nature of Treasury of Operations, and my accounting experience provides helpful context working with other finance functions at Guggenheim.

Why did you join TMAC?

As someone who transitioned from another career path, I was looking to supplement my treasury knowledge and development.  TMAC provided these additional educational and networking opportunities.

What do you get most out of being a TMAC member?

Frequently, the days of a TMAC meeting or WCS conference are also the days filled with problems or frustrations at the office.  I leave the office in a rush with concerns on my mind.  Just as frequently, I have a conversation with a fellow TMAC member at these events that helps me clarify the issue and consider a solution.  These informal interactions are just as valuable as the formal activities TMAC sponsors

What bit of advice would you give new TMAC members?

Even though you may not know many people at first, make the effort to attend meetings and social events as often as you can.  Regular attendance helps people recognize and get to know you (and vice versa) and it expresses to fellow members that you want to be active and engaged. 

Any fun facts you want to share about yourself?

This past summer, I ran a 10-mile race in my hometown and the course goes by my parents’ house in the neighborhood where I grew up and other familiar places.  It was something I never thought I would do – and I don’t know that I will do it again, either!  It was a fun and memorable day.